Services Provided

We strive everyday to provide you with every service you need in regards to firearms and accessories.  We will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your sport and craft.  We love shooting, hunting and personal protection and we provide a plethora of services to get you to your goal. 



FFL Transfers are processed
using the following guidelines:

  • Incoming FFL Transfer Fee :  $20
  • Outgoing FFL Transfer Fee:  $20, plus shipping fee; Sender must provide shipping box and packing material-do not seal.
  • Walker Firearms reserves the right not to ship to certain states. 
  • Any handgun being shipped out MUST BE SHIPPED 2ND DAY AIR to the other FFL. Any long gun being shipped out can use GROUND SHIPPING unless otherwise stated.
  • Firearms are received and shipped as is. Individual sending the firearm is responsible for the condition of the firearm and responsible for filing any claims if insurance is purchased through the carrier. If no insurance is purchased, sender assumes all responsibility for the firearm's condition and satisfaction or lack thereof of the recipient. All packaging supplies are the responsibility of the sender. Packages are to remain unsealed for the processing of the firearm and the package will be sealed by shipper's standards by WFA staff once the firearm is processed.

Gunsmith work:

I would love to say we can do "everything" you may need, but we are a home based business and can only do "most" of what you may need.  We can refinish, repair and accessorize your firearm.  And we do it for $35/hour plus parts!  We love working on firearms and getting our customers back to what they love so we don't feel the need to up-charge for work that we love to do anyway.



Firearm Sales and Custom firearms:

Whatever make or model you are looking for we either have a distributor to get it from or we can certainly find it for you.  Even if you only see what you want to base your firearm off of, but can't find EXACTLY what you're looking for we are still the dealer for you.  We will use our resources to make sure you have everything you want in your firearms; no one likes spending hundreds of dollars for a mediocre firearm...